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All rental gear is inspected for use the day before or on the day the rental is executed.  This inspection includes a log of any damages or defects.  Only safe equipment in good condition is available for rent.  On return of the equipment we will do another inspection before closing the rental agreement.  Wetsuit specific information available below.   



All damages are to be reported to and/ or the Bíos Triathlon Club organizers.  Minor wear and tear is acceptable and will not be charged, however if the item is damaged to the extent that it is not safe to rent or is deemed unusable, a replacement cost will be charged.  



The renter understands that by renting training equipment, the renter is responsible for the equipment care, it's safe use and operation, as well as reporting any defects or damages as they may arise during the rental term.  Non of the equipment rented is considered a flotation or safety devise of any kind and will not aid in swimming safety.  The renter assumes all risks related to triathlon training rental equipment and the risks involved with endurance exercise training.  The renter agrees, by renting the equipment that it will only be used for the specific use it was intended for and not as a safety device. 



Rentals are only available to Bíos Triathlon Club Members.  If you are not a Bíos Triathlon Club Member, you will need to obtain a temporary membership for the duration of your rental, by signing the Bíos Triathlon Club waiver and providing proof of a valid Triathlon Alberta or BC membership, which is valid at the time of the rental and for the duration of the rental.  


All rentals require major credit card information and a government ID.  If equipment is not returned late penalties or the cost of the equipment may be charged to the renter.  






1) 30 days 

2) 90 Days 

Swim Training Gear includes the following items: 

  • Swim fins

  • Swim training Hand Paddles 

  • Pull Buoy

  • Kick board 

  • Mash bag




1) Weekend / Event Rental (5 days)

2) 30 days 

3) 90 Days 



Size charts are available as a guide.  If the rental suit doesn't fit, you're welcome to try another size subject to availability. 



Wetsuits may be picked up from any Bíos Triathlon Club Practice or from near the University of Calgary.  Email us to arrange a pickup time and location.  


You may have your rental shipped out to you for a cost of $20 (not included in the rental cost) within Alberta or BC.  The return shipment cost is the renter's and secure delivery is the renter's responsibility.  We will need at least 7 days advanced notice to ship the suit to you.  The days in return transit are not counted as rental days, however, the postage must be marked for the return date.



Late returns are charged 10% of the original rental cost per day.         



We will need major credit card information and a government ID for wetsuit rentals.  If the wetsuit is not returned late penalties or the cost of the suit will be charged.    



Damage is assessed in the following ways: 

  1. Any minor abrasions or snags that can easily be repaired, light scuffs, marks, and/or average stretching, light fold marks, light fading or minor creases are all considered normal wear and tear.  

(We do ask that when you hang it you use a wide plastic hanger, like the type used for suit jackets)


     2. 1-2cm tear or cut $15  

     3. 2-5cm tear or cut $25

     4. Anything over 5cm or a hole all the way through and we would consider the suit unrentable and charge the cost of the suit. 

Generally, if you are careful with the suit and rinse it after each use, it's very unlikely to create a tear that would require a charge.    


Rental extensions are available provided you let us know before the end of the rental period.  


There is an option to purchase all wetsuit rental gear.  If the wetsuit was new at the time of rental, you will be able to apply the total cost of your rental (up to $100) towards the purchase.  Used gear (if available) is also available to purchase with a rental credit, however, the value will be assessed at the time of inquiry.