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Are you new to the exciting sport of Lifesaving? 


Sport lifesavers use a specialized fin for some of the rescue manuvers preformed in the pool.  The fins are usually made of fiberglass or carbon fibre.  


We have two styles of fins available:

1) Leader Lifesaver 150 Fins - Great for all kick styles! 

2) Leader Advanced Fins  - Best for dolphin kick, but will work for flutter kick as well!


  • 3 month rental - $70 + GST
  • 5 day rental - $30 + GST

Comes with a carry bag.  


What happens after I pay for the fins? 


If there is a fin available in the website, it should be available for rent.   Once you pay, you have booked the fin. 


Email us, or pop in and let us know when you will be picking up and we will have some additional paperwork for you to sign.  Please note that we will need a CC authorization as well! 

RENTAL FINS | Leader Lifesaving Fins

PrixÀ partir de 30,00C$
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