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Tri Box is an innovative idea for the athlete to position all tools in an efficient, neat and safe way before, during and after a competition.

Tri Box is customizable based on usage.

There are 4 ways to use it based on an athlete's needs or the layout of the transition area it's very versatile and ideal for use during a competition.




  • Front external pocket

    Placed in the front and always accessible, ideal to store personal documents.


  • Side external pockets

    Placed on the sides and supplied with practical retention systems, they're ideal to safely store bottles, supplements, food, oil and much more.


  • Side internal pockets

    Placed on the internal side walls, they feature two hinges (upper and lower) so they're always easily accessible both when the bag is in "reduced clutter" mode and when it's fully unfolded.


  • Upper external pocket

    Placed outside the upper cover, it's made in elastic rope that includes an efficient retention system to safely store the helmet during transportation.


ELITE | Tri Box

SKU : ELI-0143101
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