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Swim Video Stroke Analysis Package 



The best swimmers in the world know that swim fitness and pool training is only part of the equation.  A well developed stroke technique not only makes a swimmer faster and more efficient, but it also makes swimming more enjoyable! 

If you've never had your Front Crawl stroke filmed before, you will be delighted at how much you can learn about your body's movement and your swim stroke angles from just a few minutes of video.  

The perspective of video analysis allows the swimmer to see exactly what they are doing in the water.  It heightens awareness of where improvements can be made and empowers the swimmer to make effective changes.  Without this tool, a swimmer may think they are making beneficial stroke corrections, but in many cases can result in poor habits being trained-in and reinforced through a lack of proprioperception.   


All our filming is captured on a 12mp GoPro Hero 8, in stunning HD 4K60, with the latest in image stabilization technology.  In other words... its really clear!

Every package includes 4 angles:

  1. Out of Water Overhead (Whole body)

  2. Underwater Side View (Whole body)

  3. Underwater Front View 

  4. Underwater Kick View 

These angles tell us all the information we need to then analyze your stroke and make suggestions to fix imbalances, asymmetries, centerline crossover, issues with body position, technique and so much more!  


  • Filming in the pool - 1/2 hour session (Pool access included in the price, but must take place at the Bios Triathlon Club Swim practice time on Friday Night 7:45pm - 9:00pm.   Plan to be in the pool for 45 mins - 1 hour. 

  • 5-7 minutes worth of edited footage with notes or audio commentary (redundant footage, or bad angles are cut out, and all files are organized with multiple swimming situations ordered into one neat file) 

  • 4 Angles 

  • 30-45 Minutes worth of one-on-one consultation time to go over the file and discuss ways to improve stroke technique, and/or areas of specific fitness / flexibility to work on.  (In-person or Zoom call)

  • Uploaded as a google Drive File for your review.    


STEP 1) Book a date(s) and time(s) from the options listed below by emailing 

STEP 2) Once your session date and time has been confirmed, pay for your session through the website HERE. 

STEP 3) Show up at your session(s) ready to swim after signing a waiver from

Step 4) Book a time to review your footage.  (usually we require about 10 business days to process film and book a consultation with you after the swim footage is captured).   


You can book a swim analysis at most times of the year, provided the Bios Triathlon Club Practices are in session.

WINTER/ SPRING 2023/2024 September 22nd 2023 - April 2024

7:45pm - 9:00pm - University of Calgary Aquatic Centre.    

SPRING / SUMMER 2024 - June 15th - End of August

Silver Springs outdoor pool  (Dates and Times TBA)

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