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Made from 100% silicone, the Ear Plugs provide maximum comfort and a secure seal. The Ear Plugs use a specialized shape that conforms to the ears, effectively sealing water out without the plugs going too far intoears. The Ear Plugs include a small carrying case for clean, simple storage. Available in one, universal size that fits most ear shapes.




  • SPECIALIZED SHAPE: Conforms to the ears, effectively sealing water out without going too far into the ear canal
  • 100% SILICONE: Ear plug material creates a secure seal with maximum comfort and durability
  • CARRYING CASE: Simple storage that keeps the swimming plugs clean
  • UNIVERSAL SIZE: Swimming accessory that fits most ear shapes and sizes
  • EASY TO CLEAN: These plugs get the ear wax cleaned out quickly with water and scrubbing

FINIS | Ear Plugs (Clear)

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