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The Latex Cap reduces drag in the water while also protecting the hair against chlorine and sun exposure. With a secure fit, the Latex Cap will cleanly keep hair away from the eyes and face while swimming. The Latex Cap is made up of 100% latex material and comes in one size that fits most head shapes.



  • SNUG FIT: Keeps hair pulled cleanly away from face and neck while swimming
  • 100% LATEX: Swim cap reduces drag and protects hair against chlorine and sun damage
  • RIPPLED EDGE: Creates secure fit around the base of cap
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Super stretchy material fits comfortably on most head shapes and sizes
  • FOR ALL KINDS OF SWIMMING: Perfect for racing, training, and fitness



Rinse in cool, non-chlorinated water after each use.

Leave to air dry on a towel.

Please avoid leaving in direct sunlight for extended periods, as it may damage the material.

FINIS | Latex Swim Cap

SKU : 616323311312
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