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  • Available in caffinated or uncaffinated, in multiple flavors 
  • Available in 50 or 30 serving bags 


Tailwind was developed to be a complete nutrition/hydration solution for endurance athletes. It is easily absorbed and pleasantly flavored, with all natural ingredients. It is the best place to start in your quest to achieve the right race-day tailwind nutrition for you!


Available in 30 and 50 servings bags, also in easy-to-carry foil packs that contain 200 calories worth. Several great flavors too. You can also try to Rebuild, the recovery drink for post-training and racing. 


Athletes need all the energy they can get from a smart superfood that comes handy whenever they need to munch on something or boost their energy on adventures. Tailwind has the ultimate range of Nutrition/Hydration Solution for enhancing the endurance of athletes.


Their solution is easily absorbed and has a great flavor. Moreover, it includes all the natural ingredients which get you started for your quests with enough nutrition to endure throughout the day! 

TAILWIND | Endurance Fuel 50 or 30 serving bags

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